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People of a conservative bent might think the good folks at sinn replica are insane. This is because their watches are fundamentally different from everything else in the industry. sinn replica's hands-free approach is not only beautiful, but also involves extreme engineering and precision fabrication. It uses its signature 'fluidic’ time-display modules. These display time with contrast-colored liquids through glass capillaries. This system of bellows is powered by a mechanical motor.

It's actually sinn replica crawling on a bed made of nails to add authenticity, while everyone else walks a shorter route in proper shoes. It is a concession to practicality that divides time into distinct segments. We might even count the beats and seconds. Experience tells us that time flows as a continuum. This is why liquids, although difficult to control in miniature engineering terms, can be used to represent the essence of time.

Soonow, their latest release, reflects this continuity right from the name. Soonow's "soon" transitions seamlessly into "now", without any breaks. You can choose from steel with blue fluidic modules or black PVD with green fluidic modules in two 25-piece editions. The fluidic module creates the shape of a skull's face.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica Meanwhile, the 313 gold pins on a perforated titanium dial give form and contour to the skull. This timepiece qualifies as a memento mori watch, but it is more playful than serious. The left eye acts as a power reserve indicator and the other eye frames a disc that makes one revolution per minute.

Zany, wild and an engineering feat, the sinn replica breaks down habits while maintaining a sense of humor. As some people know, the fool on the hill is not a fool.

Technical Specifications


Mechanical movement, 4Hz, 65 hour power reserve, microfluidic module; power reserve indicator. Running seconds


48.8mm stainless Steel Case, 20.08mm Height, Domed Sapphire Crystal, 50m Water Resistance, Titan Dial with 937 Perforations, 313 Gold Pins to Form the Skull


Titan buckle, rubber( )

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